Namso-CC was created to be a data generator. This tool generates numbers using a specific algorithm. It is only to be used for prototyping / testing in programming and development fields.

The generator is strictly for testing and educational purposes. For example, one may use the credit card numbers to test them on an ecommerce store. The test numbers can be used for payment gateways. 

You are able to generate credit card numbers in bulk. You are also able to do just one number sequence. The numbers will consist of specific digits.

First, the sequence will begin with a BIN. More on what a BIN is later on. 

The sequence of numbers will typically be sixteen digits but can be as many as nineteen. Alongside of the BIN will be the expiration date as well as the CCV2. 

The Namso generator will provide the numbers in PIPE format. This means that the specific numbers will be separated by vertical bars. This format is also known as the vertical bar format.

Let’s take a closer look at the importance of a BIN.


BIN is short for Bank Identification Number. This number connects the issuer of the transaction. In order for a card number to be valid it must contain certain information. Having a BIN is one part of the sequence that must be there.

A valid BIN helps protect against fraud in online stores or purchases. These numbers are specific to the institute that is issuing the card. For instance, Visa’s BIN starts with a four while Mastercard BIN typically starts with a five.

The BIN is the only information you are required to fill in when generating card numbers. The number sequences that are generated have no actual value. They are not associated with any account. 

So, is it legal? Keep reading to find out.


Namso Gen was only created for the purpose of testing. It was created in order to provide others with the means they need to be successful. The purpose is to make someone’s hard work easier. 

It is risk free to generate the credit card numbers. However, the use of the generated credit card numbers must only be for certain purposes. This information should only be used for prototyping / testing in programming and development fields.

If the valid numbers are used for malicious activity, legality issues could arise. Namso Gen does not promote or agree with any unethical use of the information provided.

The numbers that are generated have no actual value. They are not connected to any actual account. They are only meant for the purpose of testing. Namso Gen highly encourages users to use their real cards whenever necessary.


Namso Gen works to create valid credit card numbers for its users. These card numbers do not have any actual value to them. If the card numbers are being used for unethical means, the system may not work properly.

The system uses the Luhn algorithm in order to generate hundreds of valid credit card numbers. The system is able to determine which numbers are valid and which numbers are invalid.

This generator is to be used for testing and educational purposes only. 


There is no comparison to Namso gen for now. Though there are many random credit card number generators out there, they are no alternative to Namso gen CC.

Namso gen provides easy access to the generator. They offer a clear user interface and provide users with proper links to relevant resources. 

The generator is efficient and safe to use. No personal information is required to receive even a single credit card number. You will not be asked for a name or an email. You will gain access to unlimited credit card numbers without any strings attached.

These features help Namso gen to remain non comparable. It is the best of its kind and cannot be replaced by any alternative.


The credit card numbers have no actual value. Though they are valid, they have no value. They are not authorized by any accounts.

These generated numbers are meant for data testing and verification purposes. This information is not to be used in any unethical ways. Any wrongful use may result in legal problems. 

Namso Gen is not responsible for any loss that happened to you or your business due to wrongful use.